John 14: 23-20

This week’s Gospel is from John 14: 23-20. Please pick-up your Bible and read every single word if you could use a little dose of hope and peace.

“Whoever loves me will keep my word and my Father will love him”, is how Jesus opens these words of advice to his apostles.  This seems to be pretty straight-forward to me.  If Jesus were talking with us today he might say, “Dude, If you really do love me,  isn’t it reasonable for me to ask you to learn what I’ve shared with you and make it a part of your life?”

Have you given thought to what “keep my word” means?  In order for us to keep Jesus’ words, we must know them.  Repetition is the best way that I’ve learned to assimilate any information, especially the words of Jesus.

You probably wouldn’t have to think too hard if I asked you to come-up with a favorite phrase or two uttered by your Mom or Dad.  Why?  Because their words were repeated over the course of your childhood and imprinted into the recesses of your mind. I’m sure that this is what Jesus is asking of us.

The difference here is that we have to seek Jesus’ word because it’s very unlikely that anyone around you is sharing them with you enough for them to become learned. Daily or frequent reading of Jesus’ Father’s words will allow them to become as much a part of us as the words of our parents.  Jesus’ words however are all constructive and filled with promises of internal peace and eternal life.

From psychology, we know that we become like what we think about.  If we’ve assimilated Jesus’ words into our minds, you know who we’re going to become like.

Jesus continues by saying, ‘and we will come to him and make our dwelling with him.”

We’re told in scripture that our body is the temple in which Christ resides.  Have you invited God the Father and Jesus to come and live with you in your temple? If Jesus was living within your mind, heart and soul, how much room would there be for fear, anxiety and doubt?  None. That’s exactly the point! Fear, anxiety, doubt and despair are currently residing in the space where the Father, Son and Holy Spirit are supposed to be dwelling.  It’s time for some new tenants.

“Peace I leave with you, my peace I give to you”, is found a few sentences later. It sounds to me like you and I have been given the gift of peace.  Have you received this gift? Have you opened it?  Are you resting on this gift like it’s a soft, cushy pillow? Have you allowed the peace of Christ to penetrate every part of your being and bring each cell of your temple to the light and life of Christ?

This gift has been freely offered to all who wish to receive it. “Whoever loves me will keep my word and my Father will love him.”

Keep the words of Jesus in your mind.  When they’re in you’re mind, they are second nature to you.  Peace and love are the result of inviting the Father, Son and Holy Spirit to dwell in your temple.

Make the invitation today.

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2 Responses to “John 14: 23-20”

  1. Sakura Says:

    The words I Know are, “I’ve got THE joy, joy, joy, joy…” “And I’m so happy, … I’VE got THE love of JESUS in my heart””I’ve got the love of JESUS,love of JESUS down in my heart…”I believe this a pbluic domain song and you can make up almost any verse you want to go with it.Another verse we use is:”I have the love of people…”

  2. Says:

    Yeah, that’s the ticket, sir or ma’am

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